Saturday, 19 October 2013


Alyssa, our baby girl was truly a gift from God. 
Perhaps it was an unexpected one, but aren't the best gifts unexpected?
She completes our lives. Our little family just seems so much fuller and complete with our little princess around. We are truly blessed.

Daddy certainly spoils her. Ryan definitely indulges her. Mama tries to be strict but secretly spoils her the most :P *Shhhhhh*

She surprised us all by walking on her own at 10 months. Now at 12 months, she's so steady and fast! Wandering all over the house, exploring. Crawling apparently was not for princesses.

Alyssa is not a fussy baby. She is calm and cheerful. 
Her favourite word is Mama. But she also says Daddy, Kor kor, Ah Ma, Jie jie, popo (the dog), poh poh (carry), nan nan and book.

She gives lovely kisses. She offers them willingly and frequently to her Kor kor. But only when she feels like to to mama and daddy. Some days, we plead with her ("Pleeasee Alyssa, please give daddy/mama a kiss") but our cheeky little princess is a little snooty sometimes. Hahaha.

She had the same meals Ryan did from 6 months till she turned 1. Fruit/vege purees with organic cereal 2-3 times a day. 
We started her on chicken/fish porridge with veg puree once she turned 1. She loves apples and bananas for dessert.
Alyssa takes 6oz of milk 5 times a day. Both kids have great appetites and we want to encourage that, but they go through a whole box of milk each in less than a week. So it's quite heavy on the pockets.

Alyssa doesn't bother much with all the lovely stuffed toys we bought or were given to her. She much prefers playing with her brother's trucks and trains.
She has also inherited her brother's love for gardening.
She enjoys cuddles (Ryan was not much of a cuddler) and is simply the most huggable baby in the world. (Sorry, couldn't resist. But it's true =P)

Here is a video of Ryan and Alyssa in the garden on a lovely Monday evening (7/10/2013)..

Ryan the NOT-SO TERRIBLE TWO year old

A long overdue update about my baby boy who has suddenly grown to become a little man. *sigh*
Ryan is supposed to be in his "Terrible Two" phase but he was really only extremely naughty for a week. A whole week of whining, protesting, refusing to sit, refusing to eat.
Then it was over.
Sometimes I wonder if he is growing in super speed. Coz suddenly, he speaks like a 3 year old now and lectures his sister about putting away toys and not being too rough.

Ryan loves going for walks and playing in the playground. 
He builds houses and tunnels with his blocks, loves trucks, cars and trains but also has a soft spot for stuffed toys which he will cover with his blanket and sing songs to. 
He sings All the time. Nursery rhymes and also made up songs which kinda sound like punk rock versions of various nursery rhymes in chinese.

He counts to 10 and actually knows what it means. (e.g. mama, you have two blocks. Ryan has one, two, THREE blocks! Ryan give you one more block, ok?") But sometimes he still gets confused when he reaches 7 or 8. =)
He knows A for Apple till Z for Zebra and speaks full long sentences. 
I can no longer count his vocabulary. The other day, he told me "Mama, going to the toilet is an achievement" and I almost choked. 
And he is very observant.. "Mama, why got water inside the humeeedifier?".. Big word for a little boy.
He repeats "Mama, what's that!" about 1000 times a day and will keep repeating till you provide a satisfactory answer.

We don't give them much TV time. Only when Z and I are watching.
But I do let him play some games on the tablet coz they look pretty fun. Haha. He is really good with the tablet. He will choose and open the app he wants and plays the games pretty well.

For his meals, he has vege + fruit purees with organic cereal for breakfast. Biscuits, bread or yogurt and fresh milk for snacks and rice for lunch and dinner. But we still make a separate meal for him coz I don't want him having food with too much salt and msg (which my parents enjoy). He likes a bit of spiciness but will gulp down water with each mouthful. =P
He feeds himself well at the dinner table and can fill up his own sippy cup.

Bed time routine starts at 8pm and takes about 30-40 minutes every night. A story of his choice while he has his bedtime milk, then we brush his teeth (he still needs help with that. he drinks more water than spits it out =P). Then he's in his own bed and falls asleep after mama or daddy sings a couple of songs and a tiny bit of protest. =)

Amongst all his wonderful traits, I am most proud and grateful for this..
Ryan is the sweetest, most loving big brother.
They hug and kiss each other frequently and it is a real joy to watch them play together. I have never seen him hit his sister. At least not intentionally. 
Alyssa mei mei is not the most gentle one year old. =P She loves to sayang (pat) her big brother but she usually ends up smacking him instead. She tries to stroke his head but pulls his hair too. Ryan know she is just trying to show her affection. He will patiently sit there allowing Alyssa to thump his back with a clump of his hair in her fist and mumble "Mei mei, be gentle"

Yesterday, Alyssa was being naughty and Zhen told her she had to go to the naughty corner. Ryan immediately defended his sister saying "No daddy, don't put mei mei in naughty corner, mei mei don't like naughty corner, mei mei don't want to go to naughty corner", he pleaded... =P
I don't know many 2 year olds who can show empathy, so I'm a really proud mama.
They do fight over toys sometimes, but Ryan generally shares toys well for a 2 year old. 
He will offer his sister a trade for a particular toy he wants.
"Mei mei give kor kor the truck.. here, change.. change another one. Take this. Take the helicopter" He will insist. But mei mei is not easily persuaded. Hahaha.

Meltdowns occur but are usually short. He is generally cheerful and understanding and wants to be a good boy for mama and daddy. After a scolding he would ask me meekly.. "Mama, Ryan is a good boy? Ryan said sorry to daddy and mama.. Ryan is a good boy".. My poor baby. I think he tries hard to be good. He gets really upset if the maid reports he was being naughty. =P

I shall end this extremely long post with a screenshot of a FB update I made while Ryan was going through his week of terrible-ness.
Though it was really rather amusing, I'm glad this phase seems to have passed. =P


Friday, 18 October 2013

Oh dear!

Oh dear..
I have been so bad with updates and replying comments. =(
It has been truly hectic. Juggling a full time job with demanding hours + 2 active toddlers and on top of that trying to find time to study so I don't flunk out of the masters programme *sigh*

At the back of my mind I keep reminding myself to post more updates.. Because I love reading old posts and the kids are growing up way too fast.. 

Alyssa just turned 1 in October and Ryan turned 2 in July.
They are both running all over the house now, so imagine the chaos.

There will be some back dated posts. (Sorry!)
Stuff I wrote but never got the time to publish and some updates from FB which I would like to remember.
Hope I can find the time to keep this blog alive! =)

Friday, 7 June 2013

A Long Hiatus

It has been 8 months since my last post. I know this because my last post was the day before my daughter was born and she is now 8 months old! ^_^ Time really flies..

I deeply apologize to everyone who wrote me or commented on my blog. Sorry for the delayed response. I love receiving your feedback.. I will try harder to maintain this blog in future! Promise!! =P 

I will be posting some backdated posts.. Most of which were written in draft but never posted. It has just been such a busy time for me..

Ryan is now 22 months old and his baby sister, Alyssa is 8 months old. =)
The both of them have been keeping me extremely busy!
On top of that, I have been fortunate enough to be offered a place in the masters program. 
So I have recently moved hospitals and will effectively be working full time while studying part time to become an ophthalmologist. 

Honestly, I'm scared to death.
There is currently only one 2nd year student for my course in my Uni.. Because everyone else failed.. -_- It's a whole different ballgame. It doesn't matter how well you did in medical school or how many medals you brought home. Even the best of the best struggle to survive. The struggle to balance work with studying while still making time for kids and family sounds.. impossible.. But I will have to try.. 

Adjusting to a new place is so tough. Especially since I have never worked in a different place from Z before. We used to drive to work together, have lunch together and he would even pack my dinner for me whenever I was oncall.. ^_^ *sigh*

I had a lot of doubts about furthering my studies.
I wish I could be so selfless as to say I enjoy the sacrifices I make for my patients..
Yes, I took the Hippocratic oath.
Yes, I pledged that "The health and life of my patient will be my first consideration" and I honour that to the best of my ability. 
But in my heart of hearts, I am a mother first and foremost. 
And though I always try to give my best to my patients, I constantly feel guilty for not being able to give more to my children.. 

We seriously considered the option for me to leave government service, as a lot of my colleagues and classmates have done. A fixed 9-5 job with weekends off and no oncalls sounds like a dream to me. 

But pursuing a specialty gives me job security in an era where we are graduating 4000 doctors a year. Medical schools are cropping up like mushrooms.. I may easily get a job in the private sector now, but I might very likely be made redundant in a few years time. 
Perhaps things would be different if I won a jackpot or married a millionaire =P.. But the reality is that we need money to survive. We just cannot make do with a single income. Things are so so expensive these days..  
And of course, at the back of my mind, I do fear I might look back and regret not doing more with my life (thanx to my mother's nagging, planting these seeds of doubt into my head). Walking away from a career which I have invested almost 10 years of my life.. It really isn't easy. 

So I decided to leave it up to fate. If I get it, I will go. Simple as that.
The chances were slim for a relatively young doctor like myself. Applying for a place in the masters programme for the first time.
Imagine my surprise when the results were announced..

So, here I am. Journeying down this path.
I still wonder (about 10 times a day) whether I have made the right decision. 
I really hope I survive this!  

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Arrival of Baby Alyssa - 2nd October 2012

She's finally here.. Safe in my arms.

Thank u God for blessing us with a healthy, sweet, perfect little girl.
I couldn't ask for more..

As planned, I was admitted early Tuesday morning on the 2nd of October 2012.
We left the house early to avoid the morning rush hour traffic and arrived at Prince Court at about 7.15am.
We went straight to the labour suite where I was started on IV drips, given an enema ^_^ and changed into hospital clothes.
Dr. Hoe, our anesthetist came in at about 8am and did his magic again. We were pleasantly surprised to find that he remembered us from last time. He was fantastic. The epidural was inserted with minimal pain and worked so well I was afraid I wouldn't be able to feel anything!

Dr. Paul was in by 8am and my membranes were ruptured. Cervix was still rather posterior and not well effaced, so our hopes for a quick delivery were dashed.
The pitocin drip was slowly increased and I got increasingly worried as time passed and I didn't seem to be getting much contractions. But the nurses and midwife was reassuring.. I waited and prayed..

Lunch time came and went.. 

Poor progress would mean a failed induction which would mean a C-sec.. 

I prayed some more..

By 2pm, there were consistent contractions, but not at all close to what I felt with Ryan.  The midwife did a vaginal examination and it was only 5cm but well effaced.
That meant we were progressing.. I was really really relieved.. She did some S&S (stretching and sweeping of the cervix) and she must have magic fingers coz within minutes I felt pressure down below..

I didn't have very much pain at all throughout the entire delivery.
I even told the nurse to reduce my epidural dosage so I would be able to feel more.
When I was fully dilated, I couldn't feel the contractions well.. Not exactly a good thing, coz contraction pains guide u to push.. I waited for pain, but there was none, So I just pushed when I felt slight tightening.. 2 big pushes and Alyssa was out!

It was such a relief to see her perfect little face with her tiny fingers and toes (yes, I counted them to make sure).. 
After the scare with the anomaly scan (she was found to have choroid plexus cysts in her brain which are soft markers for Edwards syndrome), I was anxious throughout my entire pregnancy..
But here she was, my perfect little girl.. and she has dimples!!
Neither Z or I have dimples, but Z's brothers have them.. 

I have been obsessed with dimples ever since I read Sweet Valley Twins in primary school! =P

Prince Court and Dr Paul were wonderful as always. I didn't even have any stitches this time. By the evening, I was walking around and had my catheter removed by the next morning. We stayed an extra day to make sure I got the hang of breastfeeding and the lactation consult was wonderful..

I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful birthing experience.

Welcome to the world, Baby girl.. We love u with all our hearts. <3 i="" nbsp="">

Here we go again! ^_^
Whatsapp-ing the girls updates
Hi! Baby girl!! =)
Baby girl has dimples!!
Does she look like mummy or daddy?
Ryan meets his baby sister
I forgot how yummy food is at Prince Court
Baby girl is so serious! 
Time to go home! =)